Jun Lee
Project Architect Mail

While her dream would be to “foster a bunch of dogs- like a whole lot of dogs” being an architect at JMA isn’t a bad second for Jun Lee. After moving to the USA from South Korea when she was two months old, Jun grew up just outside Philadelphia, PA. A graduate of Syracuse University’s five-year architecture program, she rented in the Hamptons for four years before making the move permanent. As the JMA team started to grow, so did her circle of friends. Of working at JMA, she says, “The chemistry between coworkers is just as important as what’s on your resume.” The collaborative office culture demands that architects are not only smart, but work well together. To someone considering moving to the East End, she says, “It’s not the city, so don’t expect that. I think you have to be open to opportunities here, open to explore and find little charms.” Jun lives with her husband Aaron and their two dogs, Hobie and Breaker.