Since 1988, James Merrell Architects has been designing award-winning projects in the Hamptons -- and now in Sun Valley, Idaho as well.  Awards aside, there are two important statistics of which we are equally proud.


That's the percentage of custom houses we have completed for clients over the last quarter century that are still happily occupied by those clients, and viewed as family heirlooms.

We hope this is because we love to design houses.  But we have also developed a design process along the way that engages our clients' imaginations.  We design with the long view in mind, and our clients frequently remark on how well our final designs represent their architectural values and aesthetics.


That's our track record for gaining critical government approvals before our area's boards of review: including zoning, planning, architectural review, etc.

Good design alone is not enough these days. Special properties face increasing scrutiny, while all projects today must heed an uncertain regulatory environment. Success depends on good design and teamwork, but experience counts most.